[09:37:37] --- sftcd-at has joined
[09:38:14] * sftcd-at has set the topic to: dkim chat in about 90 mins
[09:45:48] <sftcd-at> checking to see if the logs are up
[10:37:29] --- Paul Hoffman has joined
[10:37:29] --- sftcd-at has left: Lost connection
[10:37:29] --- dcrocker has left: Lost connection
[10:37:57] <Paul Hoffman> *comes in late*
[10:40:11] <Paul Hoffman> Sorry to be late; is there any discussion happening?
[10:46:58] <Paul Hoffman> *realizes that in fact I am early.*
[10:48:21] --- thomasm@jabber.psg.com has joined
[10:51:35] --- jp has joined
[10:51:51] <Paul Hoffman> I just got a message from Stephen in the other window saying that he is going to cancel this chat. Neither he nor Barry can get into the chat room.
[10:52:30] <jp> hi ... john pope here, got Stephen's email, but I don't find any problem connecting through jabber.com
[10:53:05] <thomasm@jabber.psg.com> I just sent mail -- I couldn't use my jabber.org account to connect
[10:53:45] <jp> yes, I tried jabber.org also. they seem to have changed something so chat sessions can't connect through them
[10:54:24] --- sftcd-at-it has joined
[10:54:31] <sftcd-at-it> So now I can join!
[10:54:39] <sftcd-at-it> Was having problems - as did Barry.
[10:55:01] <sftcd-at-it> Seems like you need a different account and a different nickname or some combination thereof.
[10:55:12] <jp> hi ... it looks like connecting via jabber.org isn't working for some reason
[10:55:34] <Paul Hoffman> jabber.org is flaky in the extreme.
[10:55:47] <sftcd-at-it> Yep. Barry's about to cancel the session unfortunately. Sigh.
[10:55:51] <thomasm@jabber.psg.com> yeah, pretty bad pr, I'd say
[10:55:53] <Paul Hoffman> I have dropped it in favor of gmail.
[10:56:16] <jp> I was able to get in ok via jabber.com, and through the chat server itself, so I think all is ok
[10:56:18] <jp> on this end
[10:56:21] <sftcd-at-it> So we'll encourage folks to experiment for the next week then.
[10:56:32] --- doug.otis@gmail.com has joined
[10:56:33] <sftcd-at-it> I was in via jabber.org earlier but got dropped out.
[10:57:12] * sftcd-at-it has set the topic to: 5th Oct meeting cancelled - too many connectivity problems
[10:57:31] <jp> ok, I'll leave you gentlemen to your business. Stephen, let me know if I can be of further help.
[10:57:40] <sftcd-at-it> Thanks John.
[10:57:46] --- jp has left
[10:58:27] <sftcd-at-it> Status page on jabber.org now says: Note: The server connection monitoring is currently broken. We're working to fix it.
[10:59:27] --- Paul Hoffman has left
[10:59:48] <sftcd-at-it> So sorry folks - let's try again next week. Barry's sent a note to the list.
[11:00:05] <thomasm@jabber.psg.com> k... see ya
[11:01:06] <sftcd-at-it> So long.
[11:01:21] <sftcd-at-it> Sorry Doug.
[11:01:29] --- thomasm@jabber.psg.com has left
[11:01:52] <sftcd-at-it> I'm off home then. Bye.
[11:01:57] --- sftcd-at-it has left
[11:02:14] <doug.otis@gmail.com> bye
[11:02:28] --- doug.otis@gmail.com has left
[11:05:00] --- john.levine has joined
[11:05:49] --- tonyhansen has joined
[11:06:46] <tonyhansen> ok, so it is possible to get logged in, but not using a jabber.org account
[11:08:21] --- Barry Leiba has joined
[11:09:19] <Barry Leiba> Hi.
[11:11:26] --- fenton has joined
[11:11:32] <fenton> hi barry
[11:11:35] <Barry Leiba> 'lo
[11:11:51] <fenton> so apparently it is some sort of interaction with jabber.org's server
[11:12:07] <Barry Leiba> Maybe I'll just use my gmail account all the time now, for jabber.
[11:12:13] <fenton> My client (Gaim) had said the server was down when I used by jabber.org login
[11:12:53] <fenton> But not I'm using the unoc login I created a couple of weeks ago and no problems
[11:13:06] <Barry Leiba> This is what Trillian says when I try to come from jabber.org: "Error 404 from dkim@jabber.ietf.org/leiba (unspecified)."
[11:14:03] <Barry Leiba> OK, I'm going...
[11:14:08] --- Barry Leiba has left
[11:14:19] --- fenton has left
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[11:19:04] --- frank has joined
[11:20:50] <frank> Barry cancelled the meeting today, see http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.ietf.dkim/6194
[11:24:02] --- john.levine has left
[11:38:33] --- frank has left
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