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sftcd has set the subject to: "dime wg meeting in not Vancouver"
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[08:07:45] <sftcd> I'll be the jabber scribe, but since it's just me and meetecho so far, that'll be easy (and this'll just be for the record in the log:-)
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[08:13:34] <Meetecho> :)
[08:14:07] <sftcd> @ddolson: are you remote or in the room?
[08:14:13] <ddolson> I am remote
[08:14:30] <ddolson> I am listening to audio
[08:14:40] <sftcd> so I'll be the jabber scribe, if you want something stated at the mic, please preface your comment with "mic:"
[08:15:21] <ddolson> Who will be attending the meeting?
[08:15:44] <sftcd> there's about 8 people in the room
[08:16:05] <ddolson> Jouni said someone will be attending the meeting, but I don't know who he was talking to.
[08:16:13] <sftcd> yeah me neither
[08:16:55] <ddolson> thanks
[08:16:58] <sftcd> np
[08:17:22] <ddolson> BTW, I'm Dave Dolson
[08:17:33] <sftcd> thanks back so
[08:17:53] <ddolson> Who is speaking?
[08:18:19] <sftcd> steve, as per agenda
[08:18:24] <sftcd>
[08:19:00] <sftcd> slides are at:
[08:23:42] <sftcd> next up
[08:23:53] <sftcd> slides may have been updated compared to the meeting materials
[08:24:08] <sftcd> yell if that's a significant enough issue
[08:25:00] <ddolson> I have the new ones, thanks.
[08:25:06] <sftcd> grand
[08:39:35] <ddolson> who is speaking at the mic?
[08:40:02] <sftcd> lady who's going to 3gpp, forget name sorry;-)
[08:40:22] <sftcd> I'll irritate folks shortly by asking 'em to be nicer to remotes
[08:40:40] <sftcd> did that
[08:40:51] <ddolson> she didn't say name again
[08:41:09] <sftcd> she did actually, but not very clearly (or there's audio lag)
[08:41:15] <sftcd> marie
[08:41:18] <ddolson> ok
[08:41:48] <ddolson> Maryse
[08:44:11] <ddolson> Who is speaking?
[08:44:29] <ddolson> talking about privacy
[08:46:27] <sftcd> that was me at the mic btw:-)
[09:00:26] <ddolson> Hum for adoption (as an editor)
[09:00:39] <sftcd> ack, will relay in a 'mo
[09:02:01] <sftcd> all who stated an opinion in the room were for adoption, nobody against
[09:03:40] <sftcd>
[09:04:13] <sftcd>
[09:07:28] <ddolson> I need to leave in a minute. Thanks for scribing.
[09:07:37] <sftcd> np
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