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[13:56:58] <jgunn> Vancouver?
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[14:03:37] <jgunn> thanks
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[14:10:51] <jgunn> speaker at the mike is hard to hear
[14:11:39] <jimsch1> musshy or soft?
[14:11:45] <jimsch1> sorry - quiet
[14:11:49] <jgunn> just soft
[14:12:03] <jimsch1> better?
[14:12:06] <jgunn> yes
[14:15:44] <Jean Mahoney> Steve's mic isn't on
[14:15:55] <jimsch1> It should be fine now?
[14:15:59] <jgunn> can't hear steve
[14:16:07] <Jean Mahoney> I can barely hear him
[14:16:08] <jimsch1> soft or mushy
[14:16:11] <Jean Mahoney> soft
[14:16:16] <jgunn> way too quiet
[14:16:19] <jimsch1> better?
[14:16:28] <jimsch1> He sounds fine in the room
[14:16:29] <jgunn> not ye
[14:16:42] <Jean Mahoney> soft and mushy
[14:16:55] <jimsch1> meetecho: can you boost the current mic?
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[14:17:02] <jgunn> still very quiet, and I have my volume maxed out
[14:18:19] <jgunn> If it makes a difference, I am using the audio feed on the tools menu, not meetecho.  Still too quiet
[14:18:35] <Jean Mahoney> I'm using meetecho and it's quiet
[14:18:36] <jimsch1> which feed
[14:18:50] <Jean Mahoney> The presenter's
[14:18:59] <Jean Mahoney> I can hear the chairs rustling easily
[14:19:17] <jgunn> Whatever you get by clicking on the speaker icon in the tools menu.  I can hear the chair, not the speaker.
[14:19:21] <Jean Mahoney> so the chair's mic is working very well
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[14:19:33] <jgunn> Yes, chair is fine.
[14:19:43] <jimsch1> I am not getting meetechos attention - I tried messaging them directly
[14:20:05] <Meetecho> I'm here
[14:20:09] <Meetecho> I replied privately
[14:20:12] <Meetecho> didn't you get that?
[14:20:16] <jimsch1> no
[14:20:18] <Meetecho> (must be an issue with Psi)
[14:20:23] <jgunn> can you tell us what slide they are on?
[14:20:24] <Meetecho> I'm looking into this
[14:21:14] <jimsch1> slide: abatement algorithm selection
[14:21:38] <jgunn> thanks
[14:21:40] <Meetecho> are other ics ok?
[14:21:42] <Meetecho> Mics
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[14:21:49] <jimsch1> The chair mic is fine
[14:21:56] <Jean Mahoney> chair mic is fine
[14:21:58] <jgunn> The chair is fine.
[14:22:00] <Meetecho> ok so no issue with the audio itself, just the mic configuration in the mixer
[14:22:03] <Meetecho> I'll send someone over
[14:22:10] <jimsch1> Can you hear the current speaker?
[14:22:13] <Jean Mahoney> yes
[14:22:16] <jgunn> I can hear Martin fine
[14:22:17] <Jean Mahoney> Martin is clear
[14:22:21] <jimsch1> So the audience mic is fine too
[14:23:03] <jimsch1> Slide: Question: APplication scope
[14:23:40] <jgunn> Better now. Thanks
[14:23:49] <Jean Mahoney> yes
[14:24:03] <Meetecho> ok
[14:25:34] <jimsch1> Slide: message nomenclature
[14:26:20] <jimsch1> slide: same title 2
[14:26:38] <jimsch1> slide: #3
[14:27:00] <jimsch1> slide: #4
[14:27:20] <jimsch1> slide: single agent
[14:27:27] <jimsch1> slide #2
[14:30:23] <jimsch1> slide: Notes
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[14:32:04] <jimsch1> Slide: A1 does not support Peer
[14:32:07] <jimsch1> Slide #2
[14:33:18] <jimsch1> slide: A1 does not support DOIC
[14:33:38] <jimsch1> slide; C does not support peer
[14:33:46] <jimsch1> slide: #2
[14:34:59] <jimsch1> slide: Agent Chain
[14:35:01] <jimsch1> slide #2
[14:36:39] Diego Dujovne leaves the room
[14:45:25] <jimsch1> slide: a11 does not support peer
[14:46:06] <jimsch1> back to single agent ladder
[14:48:55] <jimsch1> skip forward to Long agent chain - agent does not support DOIC
[14:49:02] <jimsch1> slide: ladder diagram
[14:51:06] <jimsch1> slide: next steps
[14:53:07] <jgunn> reviewed prev version
[14:53:45] <jgunn> will try. no promises
[14:54:12] <jimsch1> Presentation - rate control
[14:54:15] <jimsch1> slide: status
[14:55:25] <jimsch1> slide: depedency
[14:57:17] <jimsch1> slide: question - report type support
[15:01:05] <jimsch1> slide: next steps
[15:05:35] <jgunn> will try. no promisese
[15:06:02] <jimsch1> Presentation: Load information considerations
[15:07:40] <jimsch1> slide: what is load
[15:10:21] <jimsch1> slide: topology of load
[15:12:49] <jimsch1> slide: #2
[15:14:05] <jimsch1> slide: Preliminary Recommendations
[15:16:51] <jimsch1> slide: scope of load info
[15:18:45] <jimsch1> slide: #2
[15:22:18] <jimsch1> slide: Precedence between load and overload
[15:25:16] <jimsch1> slide: Semantics
[15:26:01] <jimsch1> slide: negotiation
[15:27:19] <jimsch1> slide: recommendations
[15:28:26] <jimsch1> slide: transport load
[15:29:31] <jimsch1> slide: recommendations
[15:30:11] <jimsch1> slide: frequence
[15:33:53] <jimsch1> slide: #2
[15:34:03] <jimsch1> slide #3
[15:34:16] <jimsch1> slide: Summary
[15:36:03] <jimsch1> slide: next steps
[15:36:11] <jimsch1> slide: back one to summary
[15:37:00] <jimsch1> slide: next steps
[15:42:22] <Jean Mahoney> yes, support
[15:47:07] <Jean Mahoney> support the adoption of the draft as a wg doc
[15:47:30] <jimsch1> Presentation: Message priority
[15:48:28] <jimsch1> slide: problem statement
[15:49:14] <jimsch1> slide: use cases
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[15:52:21] <jimsch1> slide: design questions - 1
[15:52:28] <jgunn> comment  on slide 4 design question 1. Since there is no associated bearer, "preemption and priority queuing" are not relevant.  "Exemption from trottling" should be the primary priority treatment.
[15:52:35] <jimsch1> for mic?
[15:52:49] <jgunn> if he is taking comments, yes
[15:54:31] <jgunn> but you do not need to assign each namespace as one or the other.
[15:55:04] <jgunn> agree with martin
[15:55:32] <jgunn> SHE
[15:56:54] <jgunn> Yes, leverage teh SIP work, just not the Qing vs prempt idenification
[15:58:03] <jimsch1> still put it out?
[15:58:12] <jgunn> agree with martin
[15:58:17] <jimsch1> slide: questions 2
[15:59:15] <jgunn> No, I'll take it to the liost if still relevant.
[16:09:19] <jimsch1> slide: questions 3
[16:10:47] <jimsch1> slide: Q4
[16:15:43] <jimsch1> slide: next steps
[16:15:45] <jgunn> Yes, interest to go forward.
[16:15:49] <jgunn> Will comment on list
[16:16:14] <Jean Mahoney> also interested
[16:19:30] <Kathleen Moriarty> great
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[16:23:27] <jgunn> THANKS
[16:23:40] <Jean Mahoney> thanks
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[16:23:58] <Jean Mahoney> The meetecho session worked very well after presenter mic fixed
[16:24:18] <Meetecho> glad we could be of help!
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[16:24:56] <Jean Mahoney> I like the meetecho format.
[16:25:02] <Jean Mahoney> thanks again.
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