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[10:04:50] * davidbnelson has changed the subject to: DIME WG Meeting at IETF-69
[10:04:57] <davidbnelson> agenda review
[10:06:05] <davidbnelson> milestones review
[10:06:21] <davidbnelson> charter update earlier this year didn't happen
[10:06:54] <davidbnelson> 4 docs ready for WGLC in 2 months
[10:07:25] <davidbnelson> rewview request from MBONED, request for AAA realted docu for multicast
[10:07:36] <davidbnelson> volunters?
[10:08:27] <davidbnelson> filter rules, issue surfaced yesterday in RADEXT session, related to syntax of rules
[10:08:45] <davidbnelson> do we like a string format of encoding?
[10:09:26] <davidbnelson> avi lior has submitted a draft on an alternative, AVP based format
[10:13:15] <davidbnelson> the format depends on what cmponet is parding the filter rules, the AAA client of some other module
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[10:14:04] <alexis.hildebrandt> Can you please provide a link to the draft from avi lior or give its full name ?
[10:14:10] <davidbnelson> mark jones - prefers the alternate encoding, provides for easier extensibility, strings intended for human not machne consumption
[10:14:45] <davidbnelson> It'd listed on the agenda. Stand by.
[10:16:17] <davidbnelson> Can't cut and paste - sorry.
[10:16:51] <davidbnelson> Victor Fajardo - preso on 3588 bis
[10:16:54] <alexis.hildebrandt> No problem I'll find it
[10:16:59] <alexis.hildebrandt> o Why have end-to-end security and IPsec references been deleted from rfc3588bis ?
[10:16:59] <alexis.hildebrandt>
[10:16:59] <alexis.hildebrandt> o Why no more peer discovery via SLPv2 ?
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[10:18:19] <alexis.hildebrandt> Makes sense, thanks
[10:20:03] <davidbnelson> glen - ent 2 end security important, CMS was supposed to be the answer, but noone seem to want end 2 end security anyomore
[10:21:31] <davidbnelson> glen - are there vendor specific command codes?
[10:21:40] <davidbnelson> none in the existing rfc
[10:22:05] <davidbnelson> david f. - concerns on ionerop
[10:22:10] <davidbnelson> interop
[10:23:36] <davidbnelson> hannes - application dsign guideliens hsould he, but should not have o come to the ietf to do the work, just to get a review
[10:24:28] <davidbnelson> appliation ID is FCFS from IANA
[10:24:40] <davidbnelson> why would SDO come for expert review?
[10:25:46] <davidbnelson> glen - does not makesense to have vendor specific AVPs, IDs, but not commands
[10:26:06] <alexis.hildebrandt> Isn't the Bootstrapping-Info command from the Zn interface 3GPP TS 29.109 also vendor specific for it is not mentioned in 3588
[10:26:14] <davidbnelson> allow vendor specific commands but only in vendor specific applications
[10:28:07] <alexis.hildebrandt> It's a command
[10:28:40] <alexis.hildebrandt> Same with the commands in the Cx/DX and Sh interface
[10:28:48] <davidbnelson> david f. - need to take the discussion ot the list
[10:29:02] <alexis.hildebrandt> I agree vendor specific commands should stay in vendor specific applications
[10:30:15] <davidbnelson> victor - cert validation issue may need to be in a separate document
[10:31:29] <davidbnelson> victor fajardo - preso on application design guidelines
[10:32:39] <davidbnelson> victor - ready for SDO reviews
[10:32:44] <alexis.hildebrandt> I have a review in the pipeline that I'll post to the list next week
[10:32:45] <davidbnelson> any otehr volunters?
[10:33:00] <davidbnelson> Alan DeKok has voluntered
[10:33:30] <tina> I could forrward it to ITU-T Q.5/11 for review
[10:33:47] <davidbnelson> Jouni Korhonen - preso on QoS parameters
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[10:39:27] <davidbnelson> dan romascanu - do WGLC in RADEXT and NSIS too
[10:39:58] <davidbnelson> Jouni - preso on QoS attributes
[10:42:00] <davidbnelson> RADIUS encoding part is an open issue
[10:42:23] <davidbnelson> hannes - encoding is more complicated than originally thought
[10:42:51] <davidbnelson> curent encoding makes it harder to re-use in RADIUS
[10:43:04] <davidbnelson> needs review from some RADIUS experts
[10:43:19] <tina> from our implementation, we need it done in RADIUS as well
[10:47:56] <davidbnelson> pete - preso on Diameter QoS
[10:51:07] <davidbnelson> discussion of push v.s pull model
[10:52:38] <davidbnelson> comment - end 2 end QoS hard to do
[10:53:36] <davidbnelson> how do teh diameter brokers interact with each other?
[10:54:22] <davidbnelson> comment -- this architecture is too abstract for reasonable deployment
[10:56:18] <davidbnelson> qos at the edge is demanded, but qos end 2 end is not so popular
[10:57:09] <davidbnelson> hannes - not per flow qos, aggregate the flows using mechanisms such as diffserv, saves qos reservation state
[10:58:02] <davidbnelson> do we provide a solid story for the rest of the qos work in BSIS, transport and RSVP?
[10:58:09] <davidbnelson> NSIS
[10:58:46] <davidbnelson> still need a way for "find" the first hop
[10:59:13] <davidbnelson> hannes -- we currently have both the push and pull models in the docs
[11:00:33] <davidbnelson> subir das -- not talking e-2-e?
[11:00:48] <davidbnelson> pete - anyone who wants to get paid wold need a pull architecture
[11:01:52] <davidbnelson> tina - in NSIS there is also a qos spec, needs to be in sync w. diameter
[11:02:21] <davidbnelson> open to two approaches,
[11:03:15] <davidbnelson> operatord may not trust information sent by the UE
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[11:05:07] <davidbnelson> pete - don't eliminate push model, just put some caveats around it
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[11:12:37] <davidbnelson> jouni - preso on MIPv6 Integrated Scenario
[11:16:41] --- tina has joined
[11:42:07] <davidbnelson> hannes - presos on new proposed work
[11:42:28] <davidbnelson> Jouni - preso on proxy mobile
[11:43:17] <davidbnelson> provide diameter support for MAG (MAS) to AAA interface ans LMA (HA) to AAA interface
[11:54:57] <davidbnelson> comment - highlight the diferences between MIPv6 and PMIP6 in teh docuemnt
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[12:00:24] <davidbnelson> preso on performance impacts
[12:00:35] <avri> yawn
[12:00:56] <avri> ooips wrong screen
[12:01:05] <tina> what time is ur time, Avri:)
[12:01:08] <davidbnelson> heh, heh
[12:02:29] <avri> tina: noon - no excuses - i am in the us this week
[12:03:10] <tina> we need early lunch:P
[12:07:35] <davidbnelson> the diameter case has the capability of taking significantly longer than radius
[12:09:00] <davidbnelson> do we agree that this issue warrants investigation?
[12:09:31] <davidbnelson> comment - issu is interesting, but we need to see the data
[12:13:41] <davidbnelson> need to take the discussion ot the list
[12:14:25] <davidbnelson> preso on base routing
[12:15:27] <davidbnelson> separate routing ans redirect functions into separate drafts
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[12:18:09] <davidbnelson> preso on hop-by-hop congenction control mechanism
[12:18:15] <davidbnelson> congestion
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[12:21:03] <davidbnelson> glen zorn - confusedby usage of the term congestion, nodes or networks?
[12:21:54] <davidbnelson> yes, the problem being addressed is busy nodes
[12:22:07] <davidbnelson> hannes - wrong terms
[12:22:22] <davidbnelson> call it overload control
[12:22:49] <davidbnelson> glen - in that case, why doesn't the server too busy message not work?
[12:23:41] <davidbnelson> may be delayed by proxies, or the resosn is tha one peer is causing the overload
[12:25:09] <davidbnelson> hannes - before oing into solution, need to validate the problems
[12:28:40] <davidbnelson> update on auditing
[12:28:56] <davidbnelson> first draft late last year
[12:29:33] <davidbnelson> another draft further exploring the problem addressing state recovery
[12:31:14] <avri> bummer just lost audio
[12:31:20] <alexis.hildebrandt> same here
[12:31:55] <avri> are drafts to be combined (asks one of the editors)
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[12:32:40] <tina> tks for David taking note
[12:33:16] <avri> yes thanks
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