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[02:53:05] <Kyle Rose> Please preface statements with "mic" if you want me to bring them to the microphone
[02:53:47] <Kyle Rose> CMS Drafts
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[02:57:19] <> We can fix that: time to switch to little-endian.
[02:57:39] kivinen has set the subject to: CURDLE at IETF97
[02:58:13] <Kyle Rose> Do you want that repeated to the mic?
[02:58:19] <Kyle Rose> ;-)
[02:59:15] <> If Daniel didn't want to shepherd, he should have been around for the
[02:59:38] <Kyle Rose> Jim Schaad: Curve 25519/448 and PKIX
[02:59:47] <Kyle Rose> Slide 2 (OPEN)
[03:00:18] <> pro: "Russ says so"
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[03:07:50] <Kyle Rose> PKIX Drafts
[03:08:02] <Kyle Rose> SSH Drafts
[03:10:44] <Kyle Rose> Contexts
[03:13:00] <Kyle Rose> q: no contexts? hum forrrrrrrrr
[03:13:07] <Kyle Rose> hum againnnnnnnnnst
[03:13:17] <Kyle Rose> hum morrrrrrrre info
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[03:14:30] <Kyle Rose> All done!
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