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[18:54:07] <Michael Richardson_web_436> hello.
[18:54:29] <mcr> hello.
[18:54:29] <mcr> hello there.
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[19:06:47] <Steve Lhomme_web_728> we can merge Matroska 603/604/605
[19:09:43] <Steve Lhomme_web_728>
[19:10:46] <Steve Lhomme_web_728> the next one is only announced on Twitter yet
[19:12:26] <Michael Niedermayer_web_569> ill probably make a new ffv1 release on github so this thing doesnt expire
[19:13:00] <Michael Niedermayer_web_569> someone will have to do the ietf ffv1 side of the update.
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