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[19:02:44] <Steve Lhomme_web_426> not sure you guys can hear me
[19:05:34] <Steve Lhomme_web_426>
[19:05:46] <Spencer Dawkins_web_238>
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[19:08:33] <Steve Lhomme_web_426> looks like my audio is not working
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[19:12:48] <Jérôme Martinez_web_922> Hello.
[19:13:11] <Steve Lhomme_web_849> now it works but I get horrible echo
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[19:15:46] <Dave Rice_web_267> I arrived, but sadly no mic :(
[19:17:39] <Dave Rice_web_267> I can do it again :) if you need help pushing to the documents tracker
[19:17:55] <Steve Lhomme_web_849> I will try
[19:18:01] <Dave Rice_web_267> i believe in you
[19:18:09] <Steve Lhomme_web_849> :joy:
[19:20:26] <Dave Rice_web_267> We should announce in matroska-devel and ffmpeg-devel. We did something similar for ffv1.
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[19:36:03] <Michael Richardson_web_593> I will need to leave in ~~5 minutes.
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[19:42:00] <Jérôme Martinez_web_922>
[19:44:23] <Jérôme Martinez_web_922> See and search FFV1
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