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martin.stiemerling has set the subject to: 1st session of CDNI
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[04:22:01] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Hi, I am the newbe here - I'll be your Jabber scribe for this session
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[04:28:10] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> presumably Chris Lemmons, Comcast on the mike
[04:31:18] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Kevin Ma remotely on the mike
[04:38:30] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Frédéric presenting
[04:38:39] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro>
[04:41:12] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> no hums against adoption
[04:42:10] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Ori presenting
[04:42:16] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro>
[04:43:40] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Kevin on the mike
[04:44:55] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> [no name] on the mike
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[04:47:24] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> next:
[04:56:45] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> can everyone here the audio?
[04:56:51] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> let me know if you don't
[04:58:12] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Chris on the mike
[04:58:51] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Next agendaitem: recharter
[04:59:08] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Kevin presenting remotely
[05:01:19] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> [no name] on the mike
[05:05:15] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> Phil in the mike
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[05:05:51] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> working on the audio
[05:06:27] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> humming for draft-finkelman-cdni-triggers-sva-extensions-01
[05:06:52] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> several hums for, no hums against
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[05:11:08] <MarcoSIDN@MacPro> we're done - thank you all!
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