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martin.stiemerling has set the subject to: 1st session of CDNI
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[15:42:40] <m&m> Hello all.  I'll be your jabber scribe for the session.  If you have anything you want spoken in the room please preface it with "mic:"
[15:43:02] <m&m> Minutes to be taken by Magnus
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[15:49:28] <Meetecho> Is the mic on? We hear some background noise here
[15:50:04] <m&m> any better?  It sounded like it was on, but Phil was a bit distant from the mic
[15:50:15] <m&m> meetecho: see above
[15:50:39] <Meetecho> Sounds better, but still some noise in the back, we'll have to check if it's the mic or the mixer settings
[15:50:48] <Meetecho> anyway, should be understandable by remote attendees
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[16:00:11] <m&m> Sanjay at mic
[16:01:40] <m&m> Emile at mic
[16:05:18] <m&m> Emile again
[16:09:32] <Kevin Ma> cant hear
[16:09:33] <Meetecho> She's barely audible in the remote audio
[16:09:39] <Meetecho> Sh needs to speak in the mic
[16:09:49] <Kevin Ma> better. thanx.
[16:09:49] <Meetecho> (y)
[16:10:00] m&m keeps an eye on it (-:
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[16:14:40] <m&m> Sanjay at mic
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[16:16:46] <Kevin Ma> mic
[16:17:05] <m&m> Emile at mic
[16:18:08] <m&m> Michal Krsek at mic
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[16:21:51] <m&m> Yue Yin at mic
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[16:23:35] <m&m> meeting ended
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