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[16:26:15] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) The last session of the IETF effect....
[16:27:11] <zulipbot> (Alessandro Amirante) Hello Zuulip folks!
[16:30:28] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) can you hear me? i can't
[16:30:41] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) We heard you D
[16:30:42] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) We hear Fatai
[16:31:10] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) Daniele, I cannot hear you
[16:31:23] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) mmm i can't
[16:31:36] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) i'll try to switch the headset off...hoping the echo won't be bad
[16:32:30] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) I can hear you now
[16:33:25] <zulipbot> (Fatai Zhang) Hi Daniele, have you fixed the problem?
[17:17:06] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) @Dhruv: regarding NRP, my understanding is that the drafts in TEAS WG are IP technology-specific
[17:17:32] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) @italo : agreed and the question is should they really be specific if you need them as well
[17:17:47] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) sort of a meta question :)
[17:19:42] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) Wrt TEAS and NRP being IP specific....
Mutter, mutter, mutter. They should not be, but some of them are. They need to sort themselves out!
[17:19:55] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) @_**Dhruv Dhody|114** [said](
@italo : agreed and the question is should they really be specific if you need them as well
I am not aware about any discussion to split the NRP work into a generic model and IP technology-specific augmentations
We have done some initial analysis and it looks like there would be just a little in common between IP-NRP and OTN-NRP so I am not sure it is worthwhile defining a generic NRP model
However, it is worthwhile to raise the question and investigate the pros&cons of this option
[17:20:58] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) Haomian - we lost your audio
We have no audio from Meetecho
[17:21:11] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) Remote is okay
[17:21:25] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) Slide share has also gone
[17:21:38] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) should i ask him to stop, if no audio in room
[17:21:38] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) I can hear Haomian but I have noted that the video streams are blocked
[17:22:04] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) @chairs - might be good idea to stop
[17:22:04] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) There are only a very few of us physically present.
[17:22:30] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) We have "server unreachable" from Meetecho
[17:23:09] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) its happening in all session
[17:23:10] <zulipbot> (John Scudder) secretariat says they're working on it
[17:23:48] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) are onsite folks being treated fairly?
[17:24:01] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) remotely it works perfectly, we continue. join us online if you can.
[17:24:01] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) @Daniele @Fatai : I need less than 20 minutes to present my slides, so you can grab some time from my two slots
[17:24:14] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) thx
[17:24:14] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) super
[17:24:40] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) and video as well
[17:24:40] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) video now back
[17:24:54] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) we can see you
[17:24:54] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) BTW italo - To be frank I am not sold on the need for NRP for OTN but that could just be me....
[17:25:22] <zulipbot> (John Scudder) this was an interesting switch, room AV lost, online meeting continues, onsite is stuck. Anyway we are back.
[17:26:01] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) I'd agree with that (and NRP is optional)
OTOH, you might want to build an NRP of coherent lambdas or fat timeslices or ...
[17:26:14] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) Usually, it is remote that suffer, good to see the sides reversed once in a while
[17:27:12] <zulipbot> (John Scudder) "turnabout is fair" :-)
[17:38:47] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) remote lives matter
[17:39:00] <zulipbot> (Daniele Ceccarelli) :)
[18:06:39] <zulipbot> (John Scudder) daniele mute please?
[18:06:52] <zulipbot> (John Scudder) thank you!
[18:22:30] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) @Daniele: maybe both. This solution is one, among others, possible realization of an OTN slice. An OTN slicing is one, among others, possible service model to request the configuration of this solution.
[18:26:27] <zulipbot> (Dhruv Dhody) See you in London!
[18:26:28] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) thanks
[18:26:40] <zulipbot> (Italo Busi) bye bye