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[13:52:30] <Dieter Beller> The mike volume seems to be low
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[13:56:09] <Meetecho> Dieter Beller: seems fine here, is it better for you?
[14:01:47] <Dieter Beller> yes
[14:04:07] Lou Berger joins the room
[14:25:13] <Lou Berger> WRT FWK - Agree with comment on opportunity to generalize applicability (no need to repeat at mic)
[14:28:16] <Lou Berger> think reviewing model from the perspective of separating out mw from general RF/variable rate is right (no need to repeat)
[14:42:58] Lou Berger leaves the room
[14:45:23] <Dieter Beller> hand raised
[14:45:32] <Dieter Beller> in favor
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