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[13:06:11] <Lou> Please see for raw note taking
[13:07:33] <Lou> on 20 - CCAMP update/overview for Q6 <>
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[13:19:25] <Lou> now on 22 - WSON Status Overview & WSON Signal Compatibility OSPF <>
[13:24:24] <Lou> 23 - WSON Impairment Info <>
[13:27:40] <Lou> 24 - WSON Impairment Encoding <>
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[13:42:31] <Daniel King> 25 - Information Model for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSON) with Optical Impairments Validation. <>
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[13:51:18] <Daniel King> 26 - Encoding for WSON Information Model with Impairments Validation. <>
[13:56:04] <Lou> 27 - An SNMP MIB extension to RFC3591 to manage optical interface parameters of DWDM applications <>
[14:14:19] <Lou> 28 - Extension to the Link Management Protocol (LMP/DWDM -rfc4209) for DWDM Optical Line Systems to manage black-link optical interface parameters of DWDM application <>
[14:22:30] <Lou> 29 - Framework and Requirements for GMPLS based control of Flexi-grid DWDM networks <>
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[14:51:21] <Lou> 30 - OSPF extensions for support spectrum sub-band allocation <>
[14:51:40] <Lou> is anyone listening remotely?
[14:52:34] <Lou> We will be breaking for lunch at ~11 and resuming at 12:30
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[14:57:30] <Lou> 30A - Generalized Label for Super-Channel Assignment on Flexible Grid <>
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[19:26:51] <cyril.margaria> I lost etherpad
[19:27:39] <cyril.margaria> there is no hierarchy from data plane, from management point of view we have
[19:28:34] <cyril.margaria> Oscar : I have a different understanding, if I put 2 media channel inbetween there will be a break in the filter.
[19:29:06] <cyril.margaria> Lou : this is similat to the waveband and lambda, this is a pure management construct
[19:30:36] <cyril.margaria> this is OK a management concept to have a media channel in a media channel. But you should think this hierarchy will always work on the data plane
[19:30:41] <cyril.margaria> (from Pete)
[19:30:52] <cyril.margaria> Oscar : for now its ok and more than enough
[19:31:06] <cyril.margaria> Felxigrid slide 8
[19:31:30] <cyril.margaria> oscar : what are the link attributes you see other than the one on the slide?
[19:34:20] <cyril.margaria> Pete : its ok from the point of view of purely allocation, if all you are trying to do is allocation of resources, I tink this is OK, but obviously you talk about HW, this is more trickly, you have to go back to the application code, for instance for the e2e signal you have to contrain the n,m based on the signal
[19:34:44] <cyril.margaria> Oscar : simpler answer : ok, but if your are strict what is usable depends on the signal
[19:35:13] <cyril.margaria> Oscar : some piece of the spectrum is different depending on the signal
[19:36:05] <cyril.margaria> Pete : this is theoritical issue, but so not complete it, In practive the system is engineered to work
[19:37:11] <cyril.margaria> Pete : this is related to the impairments, which was discussed previously
[19:37:24] <cyril.margaria> SLide 9 :
[19:37:39] <cyril.margaria> its not a Q6 Pb, its a malcom Pb
[19:37:47] <cyril.margaria> malcom : this is a Q6 Pb ...
[19:38:13] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : to know if this working we need to go in the filter discussing
[19:38:24] <cyril.margaria> I would say the protocol should not preclude it
[19:38:46] <cyril.margaria> Pete : I have to disagree, this is the representin of the resource, not if it will work
[19:39:24] <cyril.margaria> This is a question if you can use the same parameter for the e2e and frequency slot
[19:39:38] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : from a theoritical POV : not a pb
[19:39:55] <cyril.margaria> from a practical this is different
[19:40:52] <cyril.margaria> oscar : the frequency slot indicates the reservation, not what is usable, maybe here it could help it
[19:43:08] <cyril.margaria> Pete : separate issue, all effective media channel that can be described by n and m and should be effective << did not get it
[19:43:29] <cyril.margaria> Lou : if its a data plane : ITU, if its a management : ccamp
[19:43:58] <cyril.margaria> Pete : I would allow it, only when its a effective media channel I would restrict it
[19:44:08] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : so this should go to Q12
[19:44:16] <cyril.margaria> slide 10
[19:46:13] <cyril.margaria> oscar : then it will be a matter of the signal layer to compute the impairment, not the media layer .
[19:47:01] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : if this say the flexigrid is purely about media channel , if we say we carry signal over it, we should care, For the time beeing I think we should keep the signal out of it.
[19:47:24] <cyril.margaria> When we put signal over it we should start to care , we may need to do path computation based on the signal and the media
[19:48:01] <cyril.margaria> there is lot of thiking to do with the signal when you want to adress
[19:48:34] <cyril.margaria> Oscar : we should first settle the media part then the signal
[19:49:00] <cyril.margaria> slide 12 (super channel)
[19:49:05] <cyril.margaria> already covered
[19:49:41] <cyril.margaria> second question : from Q6 its not addressed
[19:50:14] <cyril.margaria> Pete : this is management issue, from Q6 there will be discussion on how to transmit one signal over several media channel,
[19:50:32] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : we need to do it, the question is how
[19:50:45] <cyril.margaria> Iskefar : I agree the question have been answered.
[19:51:04] <cyril.margaria> Lou : its still early, its going to happen, it won't be called super channel
[19:51:31] <cyril.margaria> Lou : update the framework to reflect that, you could use channel set or media channel set
[19:51:52] <cyril.margaria> Iskefar : we could keep it and note it not settled
[19:52:24] <cyril.margaria> Lou : there is negative concept on the term, I suggest to remove it and find a new one
[19:52:33] <cyril.margaria> Adrian : spider channel
[19:52:59] <cyril.margaria> Pete : you need two terms, the signal one and the group of media channel
[19:54:29] <cyril.margaria> Lou : when the document is updated, please use to the two term
[19:54:44] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : we do not need the signal one, we do not address the signal
[19:55:08] <cyril.margaria> Lou : looking at the maturity of the data plane, this document wil live a long life as WG document
[19:55:56] <cyril.margaria> Malcom : Q6 explained that the media channel part is stable, if we do keep the signal (the not decided part) then we can go fairly quckly
[19:56:14] <cyril.margaria> Lou: this is the end, this was a productive meeting, thanks to Q6 experts
[19:57:03] <cyril.margaria> Giovanni: wen talking about applciation code, we have an encoding about application code, we should may be make a liason to make sure our encoding fits the ITU-T application code
[19:58:18] <cyril.margaria> Pete : I had a brief look at that, it looks OK, there are maybe some details, please may do a liason.
[19:58:49] <cyril.margaria> Some encoding details on which parameters may be varialbe
[19:59:01] <cyril.margaria> Lou : See you in berlin
[19:59:19] <cyril.margaria> Pete : on behalf on Q6 experts : we welcomed the opprtunity of those meetings.
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