[09:30:10] --- eliot.lear has joined
[09:30:28] --- aki has joined
[09:30:46] <aki> ping
[09:31:08] <eliot.lear> pong
[09:31:40] <aki> alexey is having trouble joining...
[09:31:50] --- bdesruisseaux has joined
[09:31:53] <eliot.lear> hi bernard!
[09:32:08] <bdesruisseaux> Hello!
[09:32:11] <aki> hello
[09:33:43] <eliot.lear> hi guys - i'll be right there. dishwasher mooment
[09:33:43] <bdesruisseaux> Aki: Have you started your complete review of rfc2445bis ?
[09:34:01] <aki> I have. I'm not very far yet ;)
[09:35:05] <aki> Any sign of Cyrus online?
[09:35:28] <bdesruisseaux> Nope
[09:35:47] <aki> let's give it a few minutes still
[09:36:36] <aki> scheduling turned out, uh, challenging this time around :)
[09:37:04] <bdesruisseaux> my fault?
[09:37:11] <eliot.lear> nobody's fault
[09:37:13] <aki> No, not at all.
[09:37:16] <eliot.lear> just a little chaotic
[09:37:34] <bdesruisseaux> Ok!
[09:37:35] <aki> I blame the timezone difference.
[09:37:48] <eliot.lear> wait till the first week of november
[09:37:48] <bdesruisseaux> We really should do something about this! ;-)
[09:38:04] <aki> It's as if the morning shift never sees the evening shift.
[09:39:39] <eliot.lear> ok, i think we should move along.
[09:39:53] <eliot.lear> for today i would simply suggest that we chat about 2445bis logistics.
[09:39:58] <eliot.lear> are there any remaining issues?
[09:40:12] <bdesruisseaux> Only remaining to-dos!
[09:40:22] <eliot.lear> ?
[09:41:04] <bdesruisseaux> I need to send proposals to the list to for some of the issues we've discussed in a jabber session
[09:41:24] <eliot.lear> ok. aki, what say we let bernard take this time to do that?
[09:41:25] <bdesruisseaux> (Issue 63 (RDATE < DTSTART), BYSETPOS, ...)
[09:41:39] <aki> Good idea
[09:41:52] <eliot.lear> ok. how does that sound to you bernard?
[09:41:55] <bdesruisseaux> Actually, for issue 63, you guys need to send something to the list
[09:42:04] <eliot.lear> just a sec...
[09:42:39] <eliot.lear> ok, i'll send something
[09:43:15] <aki> Anything else?
[09:43:31] <bdesruisseaux> Well... There is still the iTIP related issues
[09:43:43] <eliot.lear> yes, but we can't talk about those without cyrus
[09:43:48] <bdesruisseaux> rfc2445bis still discuss when the SEQUENCE property should be bumped.
[09:43:59] <bdesruisseaux> Both Cyrus and I believe this text should go away
[09:44:29] <bdesruisseaux> I mean "iTIP related issues... in rfc2445bis"
[09:44:37] <eliot.lear> ok, i understand
[09:44:40] <eliot.lear> what i am saying
[09:44:51] <eliot.lear> is that it still doesn't make sense to discuss this without cyrus
[09:44:54] <eliot.lear> that having been said
[09:45:01] <bdesruisseaux> fair enough
[09:45:05] <eliot.lear> if the two of you can agree on removing text from 2445bis, then send a note to the list
[09:45:11] <eliot.lear> and +1 the other
[09:45:22] <bdesruisseaux> I'll put that on my to-do
[09:45:35] <eliot.lear> ok. i'm sending a note about issue 63 now
[09:45:38] <eliot.lear> have a good one guys
[09:45:43] <bdesruisseaux> Thanks!
[09:45:46] --- eliot.lear has left
[09:45:46] <aki> See ya!
[09:45:50] --- aki has left
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