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[17:04:55] <adrianfarrel> Wow, it's busy here
[17:05:38] <Meetecho> :)
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[17:37:42] <adrianfarrel> @Meetecho: People tell me (email) that they are watching your stram, but can't interact. Not relayed to jabber, and can't raise hand.
[17:38:03] <Meetecho> mh weird, let us check
[17:38:35] <adrianfarrel> The Meetcho screen in the room shows no-one there
[17:39:41] <Meetecho> it may be an issue joining the Jabber room: we got the same problem yesterday with AVTCORE
[17:39:55] <Meetecho> can they join the Jabber room normally?
[17:40:20] <Meetecho> just verified it's that: we get a "no response from server" when trying to join the jabber room
[17:40:27] <Meetecho> which causes the meetecho session to fail for that user
[17:40:52] <Meetecho> not sure who to notify about issues on the IETF Jabber server
[17:42:28] <adrianfarrel> can you reach the noc?
[17:42:34] <adrianfarrel> they can help or redirect
[17:42:44] <adrianfarrel> I will tell people to try direct connect to jabber
[17:42:59] <Meetecho> we're modifying the link to use one of our own Jabber rooms, so that they can at least follow the session
[17:43:11] <Meetecho> the jabber rooms won't be aligned though
[17:43:36] <Meetecho> now brings to that other room
[17:44:52] <Meetecho> with this change I could get in, so you may want to notify the affected users that they can get in now
[17:45:06] <Meetecho> (with the caveat about the disaligned jabber roooms)
[17:47:34] <adrianfarrel> OK I now see someone on the Meetecho screen. Do I (as jabber scribe) need to do anything or have you seemlessly redirect the rooms?
[17:48:03] ravi joins the room
[17:48:11] <ravi> Yup It worked -- thanks a lot
[17:48:20] <Meetecho> Meetecho people will only see that other Jabber room
[17:48:42] <Meetecho> the best approach is to have them join bess using a different jabber room client, so that they can interact with you here
[17:49:50] <adrianfarrel> Cool! Thanks @Meetecho. Stellar srvice as usual
[17:51:36] <Meetecho> I'm in the Meetecho session as well, so if anybody asks anything I can relay between here and there
[17:52:06] <ravi> @meetecho - thanks a lot for timely help;  Meetecho conf mode worked fine.. now I an see the video + chat frame as well.
[17:52:29] <Meetecho> :)
[18:02:19] <ravi> Kishore: This solution doesn't work for PBB-EVPN .Right ?
[18:03:07] <ravi> Kishore: As there is no AD route in the PBB-EVPN.
[18:06:48] <adrianfarrel> You want me to say this at the mic? Or go to queue in meetecho
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