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[15:10:09] <zulipbot> (Jonathan Lennox) FYI for anyone else, I had to wait 5-10 seconds for the device selection screen to allow me to pick devices
[15:10:10] <zulipbot> (Harald Alvestrand) can someone point me to the hedgehog doc? I'm too dumb to find them at the moment
[15:10:11] <zulipbot> (Spencer Dawkins) Also here
[15:10:11] <zulipbot> (Harald Alvestrand) Thanks!
[15:40:36] <zulipbot> (Joerg Ott) Henning Schulzrinne had a nice paper on exploring latency with RTP over TCP which showed the (latency, RTT) window over which this would produce reasonable e2e performance
[15:40:58] <zulipbot> (Joerg Ott) (of course QUIC is more flexible with reset streams)
[15:41:20] <zulipbot> (Shuai Zhao) No, sorry, wrong button
[15:42:41] <zulipbot> (Jan-Ivar Bruaroey) Are datagrams substantially different than streams of length < MTU? If not, do we really need a separate API for them?
[16:05:26] <zulipbot> (Joerg Ott) Have you seen somebody actually reading "scoping" or "applicability statements" in RFCs? :-)
[16:05:44] <zulipbot> (Joerg Ott) let alone pay attention to those
[16:06:13] <zulipbot> (Joerg Ott) other than this I am all with you, Bernard
[16:20:11] <zulipbot> (Jan-Ivar Bruaroey) sender-side per-stream stats might help here
[16:38:30] <zulipbot> (Sergio Garcia Murillo) fwiw i have created a new issue to talk about the RTP over QUIC streams interoperability to plain RTP
[16:38:43] <zulipbot> (Sergio Garcia Murillo)