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[00:00:49] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_590> IDU?
[00:00:59] <Jonathan Lennox_web_134> Independently Decodable Unit
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[00:01:10] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_590> =Picture?
[00:01:26] <Jonathan Lennox_web_134> Depends on the codec.
[00:01:54] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_590> Picture is an okay approximation to follow this talk?
[00:01:59] <Jonathan Lennox_web_134> Yes
[00:02:02] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_590> ty
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[00:02:54] <Jonathan Lennox_web_134> (Some codecs have sub-picture independently decodable content which can make them more resilient to packet loss.)
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[00:11:55] <Suhas Nandakumar_web_894> wonder, a new media/session level attribute indicating the encryption mode (something like this) might be a option instead of a new payload type ?
[00:16:30] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_590> Wouldn't that prevent negotation between different encryption schemes?
[00:19:13] <Justin Uberti_web_364> the issue is that it changes the packetization too
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[00:20:25] <Bobo Bose-Kolanu_web_150> +1 to it changes the packetization too
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[00:21:45] <Juliusz Chroboczek_web_590> May I request an explanation?
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[00:23:46] <Mo Zanaty_web_659> opaque really means "encapsulated", right?
[00:24:12] <Justin Uberti_web_364> kind of like "red"
[00:24:49] <Bobo Bose-Kolanu_web_150> @juliusz i don't have a great example off-hand, but recall this being an earlier topic of discussion a couple IETFs ago iirc, and i think this was the conclusion (that encryption changes the packetization as well)
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[00:25:33] <Bobo Bose-Kolanu_web_150> @mo that's my understanding, but perhaps 'opaque' is used to clarify that inspection from other layers is no longer feasible post-encryption?
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[00:32:40] <Suhas Nandakumar_web_419> Webex does do a version of  MLS + Spacket today for e2ee meetings ..
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[00:38:54] <Justin Uberti_web_364> agree that SPacket is useful more as a stepping stone than a concrete proposal...
[00:39:15] <Jonathan Lennox_web_134> WebM doesn't have to worry about packet loss or resiliency though.
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[00:40:00] <Suhas Nandakumar_web_419> +1 to Justin's point .
sframe needs to also answer resliency mechanism interactions . may be its addressed somewhere already ?
[00:40:03] <Harald Alvestrand_web_935> I agree that limiting the ambition to a defined set of codec formats was a completely necessary step.... not worth joining the queue for that.
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[00:40:46] <Justin Uberti_web_364> sframe gets resiliency for free - you just RTX the packet you previously sent
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[00:41:09] <Jonathan Lennox_web_134> resiliency in the sense of "can this frame be decoded, or do I need to wait for the rtx"?
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[00:41:57] <Harald Alvestrand_web_935> the fact that rtx was codec independent was part of the inspiration for sframe....
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[00:43:11] <Justin Uberti_web_364> i was referring to RTX... if you want slices then you end up with SSlice
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[00:47:10] <Suhas Nandakumar_web_419> +1 on next strps
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