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[09:05:06] <ekr> Why isn't anyone else here?
[09:06:20] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> Welcome to RAI
[09:06:51] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> We use Real Time (not instant ) communications
[09:07:03] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> We even can do text over RTP
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[09:07:50] <danyork> I guess we are it, eh?
[09:10:23] * danyork has set the topic to: AVT meeting on Friday - NOT jabber scribing unless someone asks for it
[09:10:50] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> Talking about draft-wenger-avt-avpf-ccm-04.txt
[09:11:02] <danyork> ekr: do you want scribing?
[09:11:30] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> Dan if you wanted to just put in when we switchetcehd topics, it would make the audio recording more sueful
[09:11:41] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> uh, useful not sueful :-)
[09:11:45] <ekr> I don't need scribing.
[09:12:07] <danyork> cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com: okay, I can do that
[09:12:25] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> Cool - thanks
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[09:39:35] <danyork> Stephen will keep H.271
[09:40:18] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> Moving to draft-wenger-avt-rtp-svc-02.txt
[09:40:23] <cullenfluffyjennings@gmail.com> Nokia has IPR on this
[09:40:43] <danyork> now on draft-wenger-avt-rtp-svc-02.txt
[09:40:47] * danyork laughs
[09:41:16] <danyork> okay, cullen, so you were quicker on the draft name - I had to look it up and didn't have the screen up :-)
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[10:02:00] <danyork> requesting WG status
[10:02:19] <danyork> next up Thomas Schierl
[10:02:33] <danyork> draft-schierl-mmusic-layered-codec-00
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[10:13:26] <danyork> done
[10:13:32] <danyork> next up Hao Qin
[10:13:53] <danyork> draft-bsong-avt-rtp-gfec-00.txt
[10:19:53] <danyork> preso over, people at the mic commening
[10:20:19] <danyork> commenTing, even
[10:24:03] <danyork> next preso - Jonathan Lennox on marking and selectively retransmitting high-priority packets
[10:24:41] <danyork> draft-lennox-avt-recoverable-packets-00
[10:26:06] <danyork> there is IPR from Layered Media here
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[10:38:46] <danyork> various feedback that we need to take another look at this before it goes on
[10:39:39] <danyork> there are previous drafts - and it was discussed at length at the Salt Lake City IETF
[10:39:43] <danyork> next
[10:39:55] <danyork> alan clark, RTP/RTCP XR MIBs
[10:40:10] <danyork> draft-ietf-avt-mib-rtp-bis-01.txt draft-ietf-avt-rtcp-xr-mib-05.txt
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[10:50:34] <danyork> now on RTCP High Resolution Metrics
[10:50:44] <danyork> draft-clark-avt-rtcphr-02.txt
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[11:11:50] <khedayat> The argument is not against the value of gap/bust model. It is for the value of rfc3357, especially for video applications. Gap and burst models have been used and proven valuable in VoIP. This has not been the case for video.
[11:13:23] <danyork> next up - Tom on...
[11:13:41] <danyork> draft-taylor-avt-time-align-00.txt
[11:13:48] <danyork> time alignment
[11:13:57] <khedayat> How can I provide feedback to the meeting?
[11:14:14] <danyork> slides are not available because he was late with his slides
[11:14:28] <danyork> (which is rather ironic for a presentation on "time alignment")
[11:14:35] <danyork> khedayat: I can ask questions for you
[11:14:49] <danyork> RTCP Extension For Time Alignment
[11:14:51] <khedayat> My previous comment on rtcpxr please
[11:15:20] <danyork> FYI - another company has filed IPR claims against this draft - see the databasee for details
[11:16:01] <danyork> khedayat: Ah.. questions for Alan Clark are over.
[11:16:21] <khedayat> I will follow-up over the mailing list, thanks.
[11:16:32] <danyork> I would say that you should address your question to the mailing list and/or Alan directly.
[11:16:34] <danyork> yes
[11:16:58] <danyork> khedayat: sorry about that - didn't realize you were asking for the question to be asked
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[11:18:55] <danyork> FYI - slides *are* up on the website for this session - http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06jul/slides/avt-9.pdf
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[12:02:16] <danyork> bye
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