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[14:25:08] <Michael Richardson_web_472> convert slides again, meetecho?
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[14:32:26] <mcr>
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[14:37:24] <mcr>
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[14:40:35] <mcr> comments from jabber?
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[14:49:50] <mcr> are there some people new to this work who could give the document a read now?  Charles? Barbara? Bob? Pete? Eliot?
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[14:53:33] <Bob Moskowitz> @mcr.  Yes, another draft I am having to commit to read over the next 2 weeks!  I need to see if this is usable in the Network Remote ID work I need to do next, so how.
[14:53:58] <Charles Eckel_web_757> It is on my todo list, but pretty far down and getting deeper. Sorry.
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[14:54:51] <mcr> Thanks for having it on your todo list :-)
[14:56:12] <Bob Moskowitz> N-RID is where the UAS (either directly from UA or proxied from GCS) activity is fed into the UTM (Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management System).  There is an existing JSON data model, but only proprietary implementations.  There are multiple calls for an open standard for the protocol, and I want to get out in front before ASTM can tackle it (probably Jan earliest).
[14:56:44] <mcr> Bob, but at this point, is the N-RID even in CDDL?  
[14:57:38] <Bob Moskowitz> @mcr, no.  That is my 1st task, convert the JSON to CDDL.  Volunteers to help me that know CDDL?  :)
[14:57:51] <francesca> if sheperd and AD + and authors + are fast
[14:58:19] <francesca> :)
[14:58:43] <mcr> chocolate? whisky? whisky-filled-chocolate?
[14:59:19] <Bob Moskowitz> Normally rum.
[15:00:36] <mcr> December virtual interim?  January virtual interim?
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[15:01:29] <Pete Resnick_web_926> @mcr: I'll try to get it into my queue.
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[15:02:02] <mcr> Michael K, can you remind us what the cadence for the OneDM meeting is, so we can avoid them and/or interleave with them?
[15:03:05] <Bob Moskowitz> My mom use to make these great rum balls.  Ground up gram crackers, Karo syrup, and 70 proof rum.  Then one year, she mistakenly used my dad's good 140 proof rum.  Bunch of 'happy' kids!
[15:05:42] <Pete Resnick_web_926> :joy:
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[15:10:14] <mcr> comments?
[15:10:54] <Bob Moskowitz> Some times life gets in the way of fun@ietf.
[15:14:41] <Bob Moskowitz> this is going to be of more interest within an Aircraft.  But applying it to air traffic management is a fascinating thought.  ATC is 'easy' compared to what is being talked about for managing urban airspace for delivery services, taxi services, general usage.
[15:14:47] <Pete Resnick_web_926> I'm having some déjà vu about some SNMP or YANG discussion I heard some years ago.
[15:15:11] <mcr> Pete, your deja vu it's completely intentional....
[15:15:32] <Pete Resnick_web_926> :)
[15:16:05] <Pete Resnick_web_926> All things old are new again.
[15:16:42] <mcr> I've been reading Carl Malamud's 1991 Exploring the Internet.  wow.
[15:17:16] <Bob Moskowitz> How many times have we been around this track?
[15:17:58] <Bob Moskowitz> And Carl's Stacks is a good read as well.
[15:23:35] <Carsten Bormann_web_659> Right, for instance there is a "class" of temperature sensors at my university building.  So you instantiate/specialize more and more
[15:25:02] <Carsten Bormann_web_659> I wouldn't reuse that name -- too bad that we called inclusion sdfRef, but do we want to change this now?  I don't think so.
[15:26:33] <mcr> I have created a doodle poll for virtual interims in Dec/Jan/early-Feb:  It is, in theory, the hour before or the hour after OneDM meeting on Monday, but also on Tuesday.
[15:27:17] <mcr> The poll is for all three months, expect three choices to be selected.
[15:31:21] <francesca> thank you chairs!
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