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[15:49:28] <Vijay Gurbani> I am here virtually :-)
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[15:51:57] <Qiao Xiang> Nice, us too. :)
[15:52:17] <Kai Gao> Hello ALTO:)
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[15:55:05] <haizhou du> Hello
[15:55:34] <Simon Pietro Romano> Command L
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[16:05:43] <Vijay Gurbani> Are there any real-world measurements of how devices are using multi-path?  Some academic or white paper studies?
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[16:09:06] <Vijay Gurbani> Thanks!
[16:09:14] <Vijay Gurbani> For relaying my question.
[16:09:30] <Börje Ohlman> No problem.
[16:21:20] <Sebastian Kiesel> Would your proposal mean updates to the base protocol RFC 7285?
[16:22:45] <Vijay Gurbani> We will probably need to speak to AD or to IANA and see what is preferable.  There are two issues: (a) what makes sense technically?  and (b) what is the view of ADs/IANA editors on how to handle this.
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[16:23:04] <Sebastian Kiesel> In other words: If  I do not care for your document for some reason and just want to register something accoriding to the rules in 7285, do I have to care?
[16:23:17] <Sebastian Kiesel> ok
[16:24:18] <Kai Gao> I think you do because others may use the address to look up properties from the unified property map.
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[16:24:57] <Kai Gao> Unless you don't really want them to.
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[16:43:41] <Shawn Lin> Yes
[16:43:58] <Shawn Lin> Can you hear me?
[16:44:42] <Haizhou Du> yes
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[17:06:33] <Qiao Xiang> Given a src-dst pair, why it needs to discover all possible paths between of this pair? To control the path?
[17:08:48] <Qiao Xiang> That's fine. Thanks. :)
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[17:18:19] <Shawn Lin> Click the hand up icon
[17:18:28] <Kai Gao> I'm online
[17:23:20] <Vijay Gurbani> We will meet in Montreal :-)
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[17:23:38] <Vijay Gurbani> Thanks, Jan!
[17:23:40] <Qiao Xiang> Thanks, guys. See you in Montreal.
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