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[11:24:16] <> Anybody here?
[11:24:27] <Meetecho> Nope, just us :)
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[11:26:16] <Meetecho> is Qiao the only remote presenter, today, or is Jingxuan Zhang going to present as well? I see both of them in as Speakers
[11:26:39] <Qiao Xiang> Jingxuan will also do a remote presentation.
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[11:28:53] <Jingxuan Zhang> Yes, I will also present remotely.
[11:28:59] <Qiao Xiang> Did Vijay receive my updated slides
[11:29:05] <Qiao Xiang> Did Vijay receive my updated slides?
[11:30:54] <Meetecho> Jingxuan Zhang: thanks
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[11:34:51] <Ingemar Johansson> Testing, just ignore
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[11:44:11] <> Qiao: when did you send the updated slides?
[11:44:26] <> Can you resend to me?
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[11:45:00] <Qiao Xiang> I sent to Vijay this  morning. Just resend them to you. Thank you.
[11:45:17] <Sebastian Kiesel> jan: martin and I have only 3 slides ... could you please present on behalf of us, or should I try remotely
[11:47:46] <> Q: got them and just uploaded the new version
[11:48:07] <> Sebastian: yes, I saw your slides and will present them, no problem
[11:48:23] <Qiao Xiang> Jan: thank you. :)
[11:49:29] <Meetecho> Could you ask the speaker to talk closer to the mic? She sounds a bit distant in the remote audio
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[11:51:03] <Meetecho> much better thanks!
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[12:10:14] <Qiao Xiang> Question for cost context: would adding the context of the cost introduce extra privacy concern? I presume that information such as cost of different SLA is private to only providers and the client who use this service.
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[12:15:08] <Sebastian Kiesel> The examples contain strings such as "LAN", "WIFI" etc.?  Will they need to be defined and registered via IANA? In this document?
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[12:15:32] <Sebastian Kiesel> Or do you assume that a different document will?
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[12:19:03] <Jan Seedorf> Sabine: thinks they need to be registered
[12:19:34] <Sebastian Kiesel> Jan: thanks. I'm listening to the audo stream :)
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[12:32:44] <Sebastian Kiesel> hum for yes
[12:32:51] <Qiao Xiang> hum
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[12:42:10] <Vijay Gurbani> Qiao: Did Jan update your slides?  Or should I upload them?
[12:45:01] <Qiao Xiang> Vijay: Jan helped me upload the slides. Thank you so much.
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[12:49:23] <Jan Seedorf> thanks for humming guys :)
[12:49:41] <Jan Seedorf> people online seem to be more attention than people in the room :)
[12:50:17] <Jingxuan Zhang> Vijay, Jan: I sent my revision of slides to you. Could you please help me upload the new slides?
[12:51:01] <Vijay Gurbani> Jan, hi.  Did you get the updated slides from Dawn?  She is presenting path vector, but she has an upatde for unified-props.  I can upload that one.
[12:51:32] <Vijay Gurbani> Jensen: I uploaded your slides a few minutes ago.
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[12:51:56] <Jingxuan Zhang> Vijay: OK. Thanks a lot! :)
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[12:52:35] <Jan Seedorf> Vijay: I uploaded the new slides on unified-props Richard sent around noon
[12:52:57] <Jan Seedorf> and I also just uploaded the latest FCS slides again
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[12:53:45] <Vijay Gurbani> OK.  Great.  Time differences are a pain :-)
[12:55:01] <Jingxuan Zhang> Jan: Thanks a lot! :)
[12:55:22] <Jingxuan Zhang> Vijay: Indeed.
[13:00:05] <Qiao Xiang> Quick comment for issue 3: the cross-product query and response would give the ALTO client information more than she needs, implying privacy leak. On the contrary, the pid-flows does not have this issue.
[13:02:00] <Vijay Gurbani> I am sorry, I have to get on another meeting.  Will catch up on the recording.
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[13:03:43] <Qiao Xiang> Sounds good. Just want to point out pid-flows is an important design option, which probably should be kept in the PV draft instead of moving to the FCS draft. Will make a note in the mailing list after session.
[13:04:20] <Jan Seedorf> Q: yes, make a note on the mailing  list, that would be good
[13:04:57] <Jan Seedorf> Vijay: thanks for joining, I will sync with you later regarding minutes and follow-ups
[13:13:42] <Sebastian Kiesel> of course we will look into richards comments!
[13:13:48] <Sebastian Kiesel> thanks for the reviews!
[13:14:09] <Meetecho> FYI, Sebastian Kiesel in virtual queue
[13:16:33] <Jan Seedorf> I think the next two presentations after Sabine are remote vie meetecho, correct?
[13:16:46] <Jingxuan Zhang> Yes
[13:17:12] <Jan Seedorf> ok, let's see how it will work :)
[13:17:14] <Meetecho> Jan Seedorf: just FYI, you won't need to use the big red button, they can unmute themselves
[13:17:23] <Jan Seedorf> ok, thanks
[13:22:21] <Jan Seedorf> works very well, we can hear you well
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[13:28:50] <Jan Seedorf> Qiao: we can hear you well
[13:29:17] <Sebastian Kiesel> the camera shows the audience, not the presenter or the chairman. not a big deal, but is this intended?
[13:29:38] <Jan Seedorf> I think it is intended, as the presenter is remote
[13:29:44] <Jan Seedorf> and who wants to see the chair ... :)
[13:30:27] <Sebastian Kiesel> we all know how you look like :) ...
[13:30:41] <Jingxuan Zhang> The video in my laptop is not smoothly. So I don't think I can show me in the camera... :(
[13:32:09] <Jan Seedorf> cookie break starts now!
[13:32:35] <Jan Seedorf> but we will of course finish the presentation!
[13:33:21] <Sebastian Kiesel> enjoy your cookies!
[13:33:43] <Sebastian Kiesel> jan: thanks for presenting on behalf of us ... let's have a beer, if you happen to be in Stuttgart soon :)
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[13:34:37] <Qiao Xiang> thank you, guys.
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