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[19:32:46] Yoshiro Yoneya joins the room
[19:51:22] <zulipbot> (Deb Cooley) Welcome to acme @ IETF 114!
[19:51:35] <zulipbot> (Deb Cooley) We will need a note taker....
[20:30:50] <zulipbot> (Kathleen Moriarty) Should it be combined with the adopted client draft?
[20:31:03] <zulipbot> (Yoav Nir) @meetecho: can you point the camera at the presentor?
[20:31:03] <zulipbot> (Prachi Jain) Camera needs to be moved. We can't see the speaker.
[20:36:00] <zulipbot> (Carl Wallace) brandon summarized the registry issue as stated at lamps
[20:36:26] <zulipbot> (Aaron Gable) You are audible but there's an echo
[20:36:39] <zulipbot> (Yoav Nir) Henk is audible, but so is a lot of background noise
[20:36:39] <zulipbot> (Roman Danyliw) Henk -- we heard you.  please come back.
[20:37:05] <zulipbot> (Roman Danyliw) No echo in the room
[20:38:44] <zulipbot> (Kathleen Moriarty) Yes, it is different, but important to ask the question and get WG agreement
[20:44:27] <zulipbot> (Rich Salz) Agreed, good ask Kathleen.
[20:50:27] <zulipbot> (Carl Wallace) re: the second one, have the registry reference verification procedures.
[21:01:17] Yoshiro Yoneya leaves the room