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[21:46:07] <francesca> Hi, I am going to be your jabber scribe when I am not presenting
[21:46:25] <francesca> please preface your comment with mic: if you want something relayed to the mic
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[22:01:50] <Ludwig Seitz> No comment
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[22:03:35] <Robin Wilton> I can keep an eye on Jabber while Francesca is presenting, if that would help.
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[22:03:45] <Robin Wilton> (If someone else already is, that's fine)
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[22:05:11] <Ivaylo Petrov> I am also keeping an eye on it, but I am a bit far from the mics
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[22:12:38] <francesca> thanks :) back on jabber until my next presentation
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[22:16:50] <c.amsuess> Was that Ben, and what's his full name?
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[22:17:26] <Ivaylo Petrov> Benjamin Kaduk
[22:17:34] <c.amsuess> thx
[22:17:36] <> That was Ben Kaduk, responsible area director
[22:17:43] <Ludwig Seitz> Ben Kaduk?
[22:17:52] <Ludwig Seitz> ninja'd
[22:21:40] <> Hmm, we should consider having the client-generated nonce in these
signed objects start with a fixed prefix (in the vein of a "context
string", though that term has different meanings to different people
so don't read too much into it).
[22:22:05] <Ludwig Seitz> mic: why woul the GM shuffle around Sender IDs?
[22:22:09] <Ludwig Seitz> would
[22:23:25] <francesca> Ben, noted. both of those nonces?  how would this fixed prefix fixed?
[22:24:26] <francesca> i.e., who establishes it? the application? should we mandate such a construction?
[22:25:09] <francesca> do you want to bring this on the mic?
[22:26:20] <Ludwig Seitz> Might be good to have a document/wiki-page that explains how all these group-ace documents work together
[22:26:41] <francesca> Ludwig: sure :) I can try to write up such a wiki
[22:26:44] <c.amsuess> Ludwig: +1 (Francesca's graph diagrams might be a good starting point)
[22:27:17] <francesca> although Marco put something that was supposed to do that in ace-key-groupcomm-oscore
[22:27:17] <> Both of them, yes.  We'd pick some arbitrary 3 or 4 bytes that we
expect to not be an initial substring for any other signed content
across all protocols.
[22:27:30] <francesca> (which I want to remove because it's not easy to read)
[22:27:58] <> I don't think saying it at the mic will help
[22:28:01] <francesca> ref
[22:28:45] <c.amsuess> francesca: SVG for publication please ;-)
[22:28:48] <Ludwig Seitz> I find that section to be well-hidden
[22:29:02] <Ludwig Seitz> (although I read it)
[22:29:02] <francesca> Ben: ok. sounds good, so we should mandate that?
[22:29:17] <francesca> christian: wouldnt that be nice
[22:29:31] <francesca> Ludwig: what do you mean, it's just under terminology ;)
[22:29:56] <Ludwig Seitz> It's in one of the documents, if you happen to start reading from another one your screwed
[22:30:09] <Ludwig Seitz> you're
[22:30:25] <francesca> meetecho: our mic died :/
[22:30:45] <francesca> (presenter mic)
[22:30:48] <Meetecho> francesca: notifying the AV team
[22:30:51] <francesca> thanks!
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[22:31:31] <jimsch1> meetecho:  Centre Ville mic is dead on batteries
[22:31:42] <Meetecho> jimsch1: ack
[22:31:57] <> Well, if it actually provides the protection against cross-protocol
misbinding.  I forget how the content being signed gets encoded.
Perhaps some extra background information is in (a document that went
[22:32:03] <francesca> Ludwig: I agree. I don't want it in any of the existing doc because such a figure would evolve if more profiles appeared.
[22:32:21] <Ludwig Seitz> Wikipage sound right then
[22:32:23] <francesca> Ben: thanks! noted
[22:33:04] <Ludwig Seitz> Would allow us to include graphics as well
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[22:33:56] <> black and white line art only, though
[22:34:16] <c.amsuess> meetecho, av team: thumbs up :-)
[22:34:35] <Ludwig Seitz> Why no colour on a wikipage? Can't we just include a png?
[22:34:54] <c.amsuess> Ludwig Seitz, upcoming RFC methods allow black and white line art
[22:35:13] <Ludwig Seitz> I was suggesting a wikipage on the ACE wiki
[22:35:39] <> Ah, that would be less restricted
[22:35:47] <jimsch1> It could be color on the wikipage.  The possible issue is color blindness
[22:45:42] <Ludwig Seitz> here
[22:45:45] <Ludwig Seitz> (read)
[22:47:55] <francesca> thanks Ludwig
[22:48:12] <francesca> wasn't recorded :/
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[22:49:52] <Ludwig Seitz> Hurray for Ben
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