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[13:18:07] <Klaas Wierenga> Klaas is always optimistic ;-)
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[13:21:09] <jimsch1> Is there a baby yet?
[13:21:35] <Klaas Wierenga> yup, a beautiful daughter: Lara was born last week
[13:21:44] <sftcd> congrats!
[13:21:48] <Klaas Wierenga> thanks!
[13:22:02] <Rhys Smith> request from the room for pictures of lara to be sent to abfab list
[13:22:16] <Rhys Smith> never too soon to get her started with the ietf
[13:22:17] <Scott Cantor> securely of course
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[13:23:06] <Rhys Smith> i will be channeling jabber so any comments you want addressed to the mike just let me know
[13:23:51] <Rhys Smith> eap applicability internationalisation
[13:24:49] <Klaas Wierenga> picture sent to abfab list
[13:25:36] <Klaas Wierenga> audio is fine, so no need for very verbose jabbering on my account
[13:25:47] <Rhys Smith> pls prefix comments for the mic with mic: so it's painfully obvious for me
[13:25:48] <Rhys Smith> okey dokey
[13:25:58] <Klaas Wierenga> will do
[13:26:30] <Klaas Wierenga> in favor
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[13:30:33] <Rhys Smith> heh, nice hat she's wearing
[13:30:56] <Rhys Smith> aaa-saml
[13:31:00] <Rhys Smith> slides are on the mailing list
[13:31:23] <Rhys Smith> slide: use of new extended radius attirbute form
[13:32:25] <Rhys Smith> slide: Encapsulation […] Authentication Profile
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[13:38:06] <Klaas Wierenga> mic: remind me, what is wrong with just saying "saml blob" and let the saml entities figure it out?
[13:40:15] <Klaas Wierenga> ok, thanks
[13:42:03] <Klaas Wierenga> mic: is this list exhaustive or are we going to need more attribute to distuingish cases?
[13:42:30] <Klaas Wierenga> (wearing no hat)
[13:43:20] <Klaas Wierenga> my hum: need more info as to whether we are done or not with these 2 cases
[13:43:35] <Scott Cantor> my hum: lean toward assertions
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[13:43:46] <jimsch1> The question is if you identify the SAML type by the RADIUS type rather than looking at the XML tag for identication.
[13:44:01] <jimsch1> It is not clear that there would be any more SAML structure types that we would ever want to see
[13:44:16] <Scott Cantor> per my list comment, I think you ought to identify broad general categories by attribute, so one for protocol one for assertions
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[13:45:01] <Rhys Smith> slide: NAI […] Profile
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[13:48:12] <Klaas Wierenga> that anonymous person sounded like Stefan ;-)
[13:49:12] <Rhys Smith> and it still sounds like him :)
[13:52:00] <Klaas Wierenga> I can not miss one IETF, discipline drops…. ;-)
[13:56:30] <Rhys Smith> slide: Discussion of naming
[14:12:08] <Rhys Smith> slide: other issues
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[14:28:13] <sftcd> someone got a link?
[14:28:55] <Rhys Smith>
[14:28:59] <sftcd> ta
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