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[17:15:04] <Dave Mitton> Which presentation is up now?
[17:16:18] <Dave Mitton> figured it out,... SAML
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[17:21:12] <sftcd> anyone listening remotely?
[17:21:37] <Dave Mitton> yes
[17:21:37] <jimsch> EAP APplicability - Joe
[17:21:52] <jimsch> Slide - Open issues
[17:22:17] <jimsch> Slide - Retransmission text
[17:22:49] <jimsch> Slide #2 - same
[17:28:42] <Dave Mitton> vote: for
[17:30:21] <Dave Mitton> Thanks - concensus is as concensus does   (been burned by crummy Cisco EAP non-retransmit)
[17:35:36] <Dave Mitton> need more info
[17:35:44] <jimsch> slide - Re-authentication text
[17:36:44] <jimsch> slide #2 same
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[17:48:15] <Dave Mitton> too confused to vote
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[17:49:33] <> Dave - relayed your comment via the mic
[17:53:23] <Dave Mitton> yes, I heard -- thanks
[18:07:39] <Dave Mitton> What is this a demo of?
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[18:13:36] <> Demo of installing and running federated SSO to a Trust Router configuration server...  
[18:15:18] <> (where the TR config server is just an example of "a federated service that requires a login")
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[18:18:36] <> (and, if I understood correctly, sets up federated SSO without requiring a prior 'account linkage' step - will confirm that with Rhys)
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[18:21:28] <> All the demo docs will be freely available via Rhys' website...
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[18:26:20] <> OK - I was slightly over-optimistic… the demo does *not* achieve the magic of removing the requirement for account linkage. That still has to be done via one of the established permanent or ephemeral methods.
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