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[22:41:02] <yoav.nir> Hi.
[22:41:10] <yoav.nir> I will jabber scribe.
[22:41:27] <yoav.nir> Anyone who wants their comment channeled, please prefix it with "mic:"
[22:41:44] <hartmans> Is someone monitoring/channeling from here?
[22:41:51] <yoav.nir> I am
[22:42:05] <yoav.nir> Please prefix any comment you want channeled with "mic:"
[22:42:07] <hartmans> Sorry, should read before typing
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[22:44:07] <yoav.nir> Agenda bashing
[22:44:08] <Sean Turner> audio good out there in remote land?
[22:44:18] <Rhys> I think you mean "Klaas Wierenga's "the new iPad", Klaas… ;-)
[22:44:40] <yoav.nir> Hannes at the mic
[22:44:46] <hartmans> Audio is not great; inconsistent jitter playing havock with my jitter buffer.
[22:46:33] <yoav.nir> Can you hear both Hannes and the chairs?
[22:46:44] <hartmans> I can hear well enough
[22:47:34] <yoav.nir> Ray Smith at the mic
[22:48:07] <yoav.nir> Hannes back at the mic
[22:48:32] <Rhys> Quick correct - Rhys Smith, not Ray :-)
[22:48:37] <Rhys> *correction
[22:49:06] <hartmans> Was gss-eap-naming mentioned in the set of things in last call?
[22:49:19] <jimsch1> no he has not mentioned it
[22:49:21] <yoav.nir> Thanks. I usually try to sit at the front when I'm scribing, so I can see the name tags
[22:49:43] <hartmans> Jim, can you make sure it gets mentioned before we move out of doc status?
[22:50:04] <yoav.nir> Jim Schaad at the mic
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[22:50:38] <hartmans> mic: no, just want to make sure people read it.
[22:51:35] <yoav.nir> Rhys presenting
[22:52:12] <yoav.nir> draft-smith-abfab-usability-ui-considerations
[22:52:21] <yoav.nir> "Status" slide
[22:52:22] <hartmans> I've used a less clever audio client and now it's good.
[22:52:39] <yoav.nir> "Aim of the I-D"
[22:53:33] <yoav.nir> "Main topics"
[22:54:03] <yoav.nir> "Terminology"
[22:54:23] <yoav.nir> "Managing Identities"
[22:55:26] <yoav.nir> "Identity<->Service"
[22:56:00] <yoav.nir> "Error Handling"
[22:56:35] <yoav.nir> "Success Handling"
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[22:57:16] <yoav.nir> "So"
[22:58:01] <yoav.nir> Patrick at the mic
[22:58:36] <hartmans> Which Patrick?
[22:58:45] <yoav.nir> Pattersen
[22:59:23] <hartmans> who is at the mic
[22:59:29] <Karen O'Donoghue> ken klingenstein
[23:00:24] <yoav.nir> Stephen Farrell at the mic
[23:03:12] <yoav.nir> Lucy Lynch at the mic
[23:04:09] <yoav.nir> Ken again
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[23:05:44] <hartmans> mic: I've asked someone in my company who has been working on products like this to take a review of the UI doc as well.
[23:06:40] <yoav.nir> Joe at the mic
[23:07:19] <yoav.nir> (Salowey)
[23:09:34] <hartmans> mic: If that gets submitted tomorrow there's a good chance I can get gss-eap ready for approval tomorrow; if not it will spill past this week.
[23:09:43] <yoav.nir> talking about EAP applicability. No objections. Will be submitted as WG document
[23:11:19] <yoav.nir> ABFAB Architecture now Jim Schaad presenting
[23:11:20] <hartmans> No, a stable reference isn't good enough.
[23:11:29] <hartmans> I actually need the bibliographic entry to appear.
[23:11:32] <hartmans> Not worth channeling.
[23:11:51] <yoav.nir> slide #2 - previous updates
[23:13:12] <yoav.nir> slide #3 - upcoming
[23:14:38] <yoav.nir> slide #4 - Help Required
[23:15:04] <yoav.nir> Hannes at the mic
[23:16:47] <yoav.nir> Rhys at the mic
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[23:19:35] <yoav.nir> slide #5 - Help Required
[23:19:38] <hartmans> mic: Trust router has a well defined answer to this question. Using multiple realms for the same IDP is also fairly well defined. Those are the two answers to IDP in multiple federation I know of.
[23:19:50] <hartmans> actually no need to channel that
[23:21:22] <yoav.nir> Rhys at the mic
[23:21:26] <hartmans> we have implemented most of aa-saml in moonshot
[23:23:01] <yoav.nir> Joe Salowey at the mic
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[23:24:35] <hartmans> Uh, yes we've thought about that for Moonshot, but it's a huge mess.
[23:27:08] <hartmans> mic: I agree with Klaas; going down this path will be problematic. One reason is that what we do for implementations will move ahead of what is possible to say in standards-track documents until teap is really deployed
[23:27:22] <hartmans> mic: draft-ietf-emu-crypto-binding seems fine for an informational reference
[23:29:36] <hartmans> mic: I'd agree with Margaret if there were a good answer that worked both for process reasons and in practice. Unfortunately EAP really does suffer from method standardization status
[23:33:13] <hartmans> Note that I think draft-ietf-abfab-gss-eap covers most of this. At least it's intended to.
[23:33:20] <yoav.nir> slide #6 - Help Required
[23:36:04] <hartmans> We actually do have a standard describing what any application using TLS sholud do for channel binding, and a registry mapping transports to what you channel bind. See RFC 5056 and referenrces from its iana registry.
[23:36:53] <hartmans> gss-eap is expected to always give you optional services for out-of-order etc.
[23:37:30] <sftcd> (aside: just posted)
[23:38:00] <hartmans> sftcd: OK, folding in the rfc editor note and publishing a new version is one of my top priorities tomorrow.
[23:38:54] <sftcd> @sam: great, I'll push the button soon's that's done (nothing else pending, right?)
[23:38:59] <yoav.nir> Ken has been volunteered to review
[23:39:23] <hartmans> O, crud. Actually, I'm still waiting for someone to volunteer to do ABNF for the escaping mechanism.
[23:39:33] <hartmans> Can we make sure that a volunteer is rounded up for me at this session?
[23:39:47] <hartmans> Also, I think that text is significant enough the WG should get a week to review.
[23:39:49] <yoav.nir> slide #7 - Questions
[23:40:03] <sftcd> @sam: ok I'll bring up the abnf before we're done
[23:41:26] <sftcd> @sam: thread is this one: I think
[23:41:55] <yoav.nir> Stephen at the mic
[23:42:44] <hartmans> That's the right pointer, yes.
[23:43:42] <yoav.nir> Overview slide now
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[23:44:18] <yoav.nir> gss-eap. eapapplicability, gss-naming should be ready in <3 months
[23:44:34] <yoav.nir> in less than 3 months...
[23:44:36] <jimsch1> Sam, have you addressed your tracker issues yet?
[23:44:51] <yoav.nir> Coming along slowly: architecture, aaa-saml, ui
[23:44:55] <yoav.nir> Hannes at the mic
[23:45:19] <hartmans> I think so.
[23:45:31] <yoav.nir> Need more work: aaa-diameter
[23:45:36] <hartmans> I guess I should go double check that
[23:45:53] <jimsch1> Radius AVP
[23:45:57] <jimsch1> Example OID
[23:46:02] <jimsch1> EAP Applicability statement
[23:46:07] <jimsch1> THose are your three
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[23:47:21] <yoav.nir> Hannes at the mic again
[23:47:56] <hartmans> eap applicability ironically is not addressed in the draft but is addressed in the rfc-editor note
[23:47:58] <hartmans> other two are fine
[23:48:55] <hartmans> so yes they are all being taken care of
[23:49:13] <hartmans> Diego should speak into the mic
[23:49:39] <yoav.nir> Hannes at the mic
[23:50:18] <yoav.nir> Diego again
[23:50:32] <hartmans> can you please ask him to speak up?
[23:51:51] <Sean Turner> deigo is going to ask some colleagues at work about possibly authoring the aaa-diameter
[23:53:01] <yoav.nir> Open mic
[23:53:07] <yoav.nir> Jim at the mic
[23:55:01] <yoav.nir> Ken at the mic
[23:57:22] <yoav.nir> Stephen Farrell at the mic
[23:58:50] <hartmans> mic: I need someone who knows ABNF; I can teach them the Kerberos bits
[23:59:28] <Sean Turner> sam maybe querry the appsawg?
[23:59:41] <hartmans> You cann't pay me enough to do that:-)
[23:59:51] <Sean Turner> ;)
[23:59:55] <hartmans> I'm still smarting from interactions with them as an AD
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