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[22:31:57] <danyork> Gee, Wes, funny seeing you here :-)
[22:32:19] <danyork> We've been in many of the same chat rooms all week
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[22:32:35] <Wes George> yep
[22:32:53] <Wes George> man, I never want to have to do this again if I can avoid it (remote participation that is)
[22:33:12] <danyork> Yeah, the experience leaves a LOT to be desired
[22:33:37] <Wes George> meetecho is generally an improvement... when it works
[22:33:53] <Wes George> but unfortunately i've encountered problems often enough to not see it as a real alternative
[22:34:02] <danyork> Agreed on both points
[22:35:50] <tonyhain> it is better than nothing, so i wouldn't want it to be dropped just because it is painful
[22:36:05] <danyork> Oh, yes, I agree!
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[22:36:52] <Brian Carpenter> Projector problems being sorted out...
[22:37:26] <danyork> Thanks for the update
[22:38:16] <danyork> Yes, also on streaming
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[22:40:49] <Brian Carpenter>
[22:41:24] <Brian Carpenter> slide 2
[22:41:34] <Brian Carpenter> Is he close enough to the mic?
[22:41:42] <Brian Carpenter> slide 3
[22:42:40] <Brian Carpenter> slide 4
[22:43:48] <Brian Carpenter> slide 5
[22:44:55] <Brian Carpenter> slide 6
[22:46:05] <Brian Carpenter> slide 7
[22:46:42] <Brian Carpenter> last slide
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[22:48:33] <Brian Carpenter> wes, were you happy with the updates?
[22:48:48] <Wes George> yes, as noted in previous mails
[22:49:12] <Brian Carpenter>
[22:49:27] <Brian Carpenter> scribe vanishes temporarily
[22:49:35] <danyork> Also in PDF:
[22:52:40] <danyork> Slide: Implementation and deployment
advice (1)
[22:52:53] <Brian Carpenter> yes....
[22:55:26] <Brian Carpenter> slide 2
[22:56:51] <Brian Carpenter> actually , slide 4, \implementation and deployment advice \92\0
[22:57:09] <Brian Carpenter> slide 5
[23:10:14] <Brian Carpenter> OK the real Brian is back
[23:10:25] <Brian Carpenter> Fred - Background slide
[23:11:20] <Brian Carpenter> He's on slide 3
[23:12:04] <Brian Carpenter> slide 4
[23:12:29] <Brian Carpenter> no, slide 5 already
[23:13:08] <Brian Carpenter> slide 6
[23:13:43] <Brian Carpenter> 7
[23:19:00] <Brian Carpenter> slide 8
[23:24:37] <Wes George> mic: there's a difference between doesn't work and doesn't scale
[23:24:41] <Wes George> automation solves the latter, not the former
[23:28:52] <Brian Carpenter> g'night all
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