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[02:11:41] <bu341> 6lowpan wiki info on the ffront page
[02:11:53] --- dku has become available
[02:12:51] <bu341> http://6lowpan.tzi.org
[02:12:52] <dku> today: work on core docs
[02:13:18] <dku> figure out how additional contributions affect those
[02:16:02] <dku> now: problem statement document
[02:16:19] <dku> editorial fixes mainly
[02:16:31] <dku> Carsten asks for comments
[02:17:29] <dku> Joerg Ott: document is too optimistic wrt app requirements
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[02:19:38] <dku> Loius P.: requirements for header formats
[02:19:47] <dku> Joerg Ott: security consideration should be added
[02:20:16] <dku> Carsten: have to base problem statement on some assumptions on apps
[02:21:20] <dku> Joerg: currently assumptions are too constraining
[02:21:42] <dku> Bob Hinden: better to have it focused (and later expand if required)
[02:22:13] <dku> Carsten: OK, looks more like a language problem (need clarification)
[02:22:28] <dku> Geoff: we should be able to move doc forward
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[02:23:38] <dku> Christian Schumacher: need to agree on whether we want to work on security considerations or not
[02:23:49] <dku> Carsten: have to do it anyway
[02:24:13] <dku> Carsten: currently it's TBD
[02:25:33] <dku> new speaker: make doc focused, fix security considerations
[02:26:27] <dku> now: encapsulation spec
[02:26:45] <dku> Gabriel Montenegro presenting
[02:27:57] <dku> encapsulation has been simplified
[02:28:18] <dku> corrected a bug with the 'M' bit
[02:28:53] <dku> Geoff: which protocols on top of encapsulation?
[02:29:19] <dku> Gabriel: IP (v6), AODV,...
[02:30:54] <dku> Gabriel: encapsulation provides nicer interface to 802.15.4
[02:32:16] <dku> Christian Huitema: not good to use code points that have been assigned by IANA already
[02:32:31] <dku> Christian: don't want two registries
[02:32:57] --- rbless has become available
[02:33:11] <dku> Christian: try to re-use existing registries and code points (IP proto numbers)
[02:34:02] <dku> Gabriel: these are mode like DVB-IP, Ethernet code points -- different sizes
[02:35:32] <dku> K. Kim: Use M bit and final dest field for compression? Do we need inclusion of originator address?
[02:36:22] <dku> K. Kim: when doing multihop, cannot compress source address of IPv6 header
[02:36:58] <dku> Carsten: need have example on mailing list
[02:37:46] <dku> Carsten: take this offline
[02:38:29] <dku> Carsten: OK, have to look at the registry issue
[02:39:42] <dku> Carsten: anything else?
[02:39:50] <dku> nope
[02:40:27] <dku> Carsten: raise your hand if think format doc is generally (with exception of today's issues)
[02:40:40] <dku> about 10 to 20 hands
[02:40:52] <dku> Jim Bound: need to lay out the format
[02:41:16] <dku> Jim Bound: It's OK, but need more explanation
[02:42:11] <dku> Carsten: OK, noted.
[02:42:26] <dku> now: IPv6 ND
[02:42:30] <dku> Carsten presenting
[02:43:21] <dku> IPv6-NDP was designed for Ethernet (multicast)
[02:43:53] <dku> Bob Hinden: was designed for more than Ethernet
[02:44:12] <dku> Bob Hinden: does also not require multicast
[02:44:47] <dku> Charlie Perkins: relation to ND work in MANET?
[02:47:07] <dku> Christian Huitema: what about IP addresses that have no relation with MAC address (CGA...)
[02:48:01] <dku> Gabriel: we have done that -- should be compatible with document
[02:48:22] <dku> Carsten: need to clarify this
[02:49:08] <dku> Carsten: Does format document depend on ND document
[02:49:13] <dku> Brian Haberman: no
[02:49:34] <dku> Brian: NDP is self-contained spec
[02:50:25] <dku> new speaker: should make sure that control msgs fit in single packet frame
[02:52:08] <dku> Gabriel: controlled flooding a alternative approach?
[02:53:04] <dku> Carsten: important problem, discuss later
[02:53:15] <dku> now: 6lowpan interoperability document
[02:53:36] <dku> special tasks of an IPv6router that interfaces to lowpan
[02:53:46] --- Tsubasa has left: Replaced by new connection
[02:53:56] <dku> assign 16-bit-MAC addresses to off-link nodes
[02:54:08] <dku> question: is this NAT?
[02:54:30] <dku> question: do we want to address 16-bit MAC addresses?
[02:55:40] <dku> Keyong Kim: propose: 16-bit should be optional
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[02:57:10] <dku> Geof Mulligan: potential problems with mapping
[02:57:38] <dku> Carsten: this is interesting work but not affecting encapsulation work
[02:58:00] <dku> now: mobopt lowpan requirements
[02:58:09] <dku> will be discussed at mobopts
[02:59:09] <dku> PANs need to be identifiable
[02:59:38] <dku> Which kinds of mobility to we actually expect?
[03:00:05] <dku> Do we need MIP?
[03:00:47] <dku> Samita Chakrabarti: looking for input from people
[03:01:14] <dku> Geoff: do we do mesh routing between collection of PANs to create IP subnet or do we do IP mobility?
[03:02:51] <dku> Gabriel: current assumption: PAN id defines IPv6 prefix
[03:03:14] <dku> Samita: not sure that that was the agreement.
[03:04:32] <dku> Samita: assume that lowpan will have one coordinator (15.4 model)
[03:04:55] <dku> Carsten: there is still the question how to come up with PAN ids
[03:05:01] --- Tsubasa has become available
[03:05:09] <dku> now: hierarchical routing document
[03:05:42] <dku> now: AODV (simplified)
[03:05:56] <dku> Carsten: not in WG scope at the moment
[03:06:18] <dku> Carsten: what about RFDs?
[03:06:31] <dku> Keyong: include RFDs in mesh routing
[03:07:09] <dku> now: 6lowpan sslp
[03:07:28] <dku> Carsten: not in scope
[03:07:48] <dku> Carsten: what to do for finishing -format?
[03:08:06] <dku> ND fixes
[03:08:16] <dku> RFD/FFD, device roles
[03:08:24] <dku> 16-bit addrs, hierarchy
[03:08:32] <dku> routing interface
[03:08:41] <dku> PAN ID/PAN coordinator selection
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[03:08:59] <dku> Christian Schumacher: how many planned implementations?
[03:09:02] <dku> 4 hands
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